Multi Unit Residential

384 Beamish Street, Campsie

Sydney, 2016

384 Beamish Street, Campsie

“….as our cbd densifies, the need for high quality multi-unit residential buildings in the suburban ring is the next pressing priority….” 

 As inner Sydney densifies, suburban precincts with good access to public transport connecting them to the city are the next priority for increased growth. This site on a main road (Beamish Street) in Canterbury is within 200 metres of a public transport hub - rail and bus interchange. The site is at the end of a commercial/retail strip and also abuts a residential zone where detached housing predominates. The Local Council Code justifiably encourages the extension of retail use at ground level with an additional 5 floors of residential use above. An additional level is permitted on larger sites where impacts on adjacent properties can be minimised via setbacks to side boundaries. At 2,600 sq. m, this site is considered large enough for an additional level so its form tapers back from its site boundaries accordingly. 80 residential apartments and 7 retail units are provided above a 2 level parking basement for 93 cars, 26 bicycles bays, storage and service space. The resulting linear development has two cores articulated from the street and a mix of studios, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments above a retail base. The retail base below a glazed awning, 3 level mid section and upper level top are expressed and relate the new building to its context. The rhythm of the structural party walls serves to break down the building form and reduce the scale of the structure. Planting to the balconies further softens the built form and provide a desirable residential environment for occupants as well as passers-by.

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