Multi Unit Residential

Lippmann House

Watsons Bay, Sydney 2000

Lippmann House

“…a recycled fisherman’s cottage, transformed into a twenty first century, environmentally sustainable and joyful family home...”

The house is 160 sq. m. in area but its generosity is achieved by the relationship between the exterior and interior spaces. The lower level consists of a series of loosely defined living spaces with upper level bedroom mezzanines looking down over them. The master bedroom at the front of the house overlooks a living area and study while the children's bedrooms at the rear overlook the family room. In so doing the house achieves a clear separation between children's and adult's domain. The service core - kitchen on the lower level and bathrooms above - is located in the centre of the house allowing all the served habitable spaces to occupy the perimeter. The internal bathrooms are lit from above by louvre controlled, operable glass skylight ceilings. A bank of 14 operable skylights provide air and light to the bedrooms and living areas. These skylights are electrically controlled and fitted with rain sensors for automatic closing. To achieve the desired acoustic control, acoustically insulated perforated plywood panels form the living room walls and ceiling linings composed of a 1-metre grid system which is evident in the joinery and plywood flooring joints. The extensive use of timber is contrasted by the structural steel frame of the house and the stainless steel stair and mezzanine catwalk. The external spaces are designed as extensions of the interior. The rear courtyard opens off the family room through stacking glass doors. A level deck plunge pool extends as a pond through a glass screen into the corner of the family room. The family room floor, courtyard paving and water level are all at the exact same height to achieve this seamlessness. Likewise a densely planted courtyard off the dining room creates connection to the outside while the front garden provides a car space off an electrically operated door. By night the house takes on a different ambience with subtle pelmet lighting and up-lighting in the living areas complementing the minimal down-lighting system.

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