Multi Unit Residential

Cashman house

Wombarra, 1995

Cashman house

"...this idyllic beach house was built for the price of a project home. 10 years later our clients turned it over as high-end holiday accommodation for the jet set..."

To achieve the client's objectives and to take advantage of the delightful qualities of this site, the house was conceived as an open plan glazed pavilion, which could easily expand into extensive external decks and living areas. As the house was used predominantly in summer, all living rooms and bedrooms face east to the ocean. A service spine - kitchen, bathrooms and circulation run along the western rear zone of the house. While extensive use of aluminium-framed glazing was utilised to enhance the ocean views, plywood wall panelling screw fixed to steel stud framing completes the envelope on the mountainside. This inherent dichotomy reflects the nature of the site - ocean/mountains - while simultaneously providing privacy and security. High bay louvred glass provides cross ventilation and heat reduction during the summer months while a slow combustion steel fireplace provides winter heating. All internal walls are heavily insulated drywall consisting of plasterboard fixed to steel stud framing. The site experiences intense and regular flooding as heavy rains wash down the steep range behind the house to the sea. To satisfy geotechnical conditions, a building of lightweight framed construction was proposed to overcome the high rainfall and the potential slippage of the talus soil.

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