Multi Unit Residential

Pearl Beach House

Pearl Beach Sydney, 2008

Pearl Beach House

"...houses like this epitomise our Australian lifestyle - loose and flexible. Step outside to the beach or view of the sandstone cliffs..."

This 420 sq. m. house is located on the stunning Pearl Beach waterfront at the foot of Mount Ettalong. The house is orientated to face the ocean while simultaneously taking in the stunning escarpment of the adjacent mountain range. The plan consists of a series of steel "pods" arranged around a central courtyard which provides relief from harsh winds and excessive sun. Sliding doors provide access into the courtyard from all sides. On the upper level a private retreat is provided by a master bedroom, ensuite and study. The roofscape consists of a series of flat and sloping roofs (both flat gravel and pitched corrugated) which permit maximum solar penetration in winter while excluding the summer sun. The framing steel is clad with fibre cement wall panelling. Internally timber floors and door frames are combined with stone joinery to provide an environment which is sumptuous and contextual while maintaining the casual feel of a beach house.

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