Multi Unit Residential

Carfrae house

St Ives

Carfrae house

“…working with a like minded designer/engineer like Tristram who, on this occasion, was also the client, made for a unique collaboration….”

This house is situated in St. Ives adjacent to and overlooking Garigal National Park to the north. The practice had enjoyed a very close professional relationship with the client, a prominent engineer, over many years and prior projects. It was an unwritten objective that the house would be structurally and architecturally innovative and environmentally responsible. It was also necessary for the house to be economical and pragmatic. All living areas are situated on the lower level with bedrooms above. The entry and garage is on a split level, between, allowing the house to step down the hill avoiding any excavation. The structural steel frame is extremely light utilising minimal column and beam sections (designed by the client) to achieve dramatically long spans which hover above the ground. The introduction of additional landscaping and a pond into the native bush environment reflects a micro-environment where the human habitat is in harmony with its natural surroundings. Water runs off the skillion roof into a pond along the southern facade. The pond is filtered for carp and other species of fish and is an integral part of the native bush landscape design. Overflow from the pond is collected into the stormwater detention tank prior to dispersal into the National Park.

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