Jackson Landing Community Centre

Pyrmont Sydney, 2000

Jackson Landing Community Centre

“’s a modest public building but it completes the public open space, a square surrounded by residential and commercial buildings and, as such, is critical to the amenity of residents at Jackson’s Landing…”

Lend Lease commissioned Lippmann Partnership to complete a public square with the addition of a new community and aquatic centre at Jacksons Landing, Pyrmont in 2000.The site of the new aquatic centre is bordered by Bowman Lane to the south and a landscaped courtyard to the north which is surrounded by new and refurbished residential and commercial buildings. This courtyard provides the principal address to the aquatic centre. An existing heritage listed building was to be retained and converted to community rooms with a new aquatic facility and gym located adjacent. In order to accommodate the new facility on the site and not obstruct access to the square, the new building abuts the existing heritage building directly. Its steel and glass construction and inherent transparency are a contrast to the federation style brick community building adjacent. The transparency through the building was considered an important factor to allowing the square to be accessible. The square is one of the few public open spaces within this dense residential precinct and is greatly enhanced by the established Moreton Bay Fig tree which was carefully retained. The building also tends to make the square appear much bigger than it actually is. Within the building, a level deck pool with plant room below ground (accessed from the car park) is lit from overhead by south facing saw-tooth roof trusses. These glazed components are operable allowing hot air to exhaust the building naturally during the summer months. Additionally north facing louvers protect the front facade from excessive sun. The building accommodates a 20 metre, 8 lane swimming pool with a gymnasium mezzanine on an upper level. Below the pool concourse are change rooms and the pool filtration plant. The gym is located on an upper level mezzanine where patrons enjoy views over the square and down into the pool atrium.

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