Shanti Yoga Retreat

Jaipur, India, 2011

Shanti Yoga Retreat

“…an expat filmmaker’s tribute to her yoga master is this extraordinary retreat in Rajasthan. What an extraordinary gift…”

A yoga retreat on the flat plains west of Jaipur in India was designed for a site located in a spectacular lush desert micro-environment within a short distance of villages and other holiday retreats. The boutique style development is designed for an international as well as local clientele consisting of 8 bungalows grouped around a central courtyard. The courtyard is densely landscaped for shade and provided with a level deck swimming pool for use during the hot dry summer season. A communal dining and yoga area is provided with spectacular views down the valley. The use of local stone and simple technology is proposed in a manner that is appropriate to the local micro-climate, geography and building industry but carried out in a manner which has a dialogue with a twenty first century zeitgeist.

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