Master Planning

Redfern Town Centre

Sydney 2009

Redfern Town Centre

“….government initiatives to encourage a higher quality public realm at Redfern is a really positive way to redress the social inequity that has existed here for so long….


Lippmann Partnership was commissioned by the Redfern Waterloo Authority to undertake concept design studies for the Redfern Town Centre based on the existing controls outlined in the RWA Built Environment Plan (BEP) and SEPP Major Projects. As greater encouragement exists for the precinct to develop as a higher density mixed use urban centre, well connected by public transport infrastructure, it was crucial to ensure that the Redfern Town Centre becomes a desirable destination for workers, residents and visitors and that it provides cohesive public spaces for people to meet and interact.The eventual aim of the study was to provide a basis for modification to the planning controls so that higher quality Development Applications could be achieved which complied with far reaching principles having a public benefit.The key considerations identified in this study are land use, consolidated building envelopes, connectivity between sites and public domain improvements. The recommendations affect build height, density, floor space ratios and setbacks and will steer future development in a more cohesive manner.

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