Master Planning

Hya Yu City

Chongqing, China 2009

Hya Yu City

"...connected by high speed rail to the city centre with a diverse range of high density mixed uses and pedestrianised public spaces, this was a sustainable model of urban growth for central China...”

The site of his development is a 60 hectare precinct 20 kilometres from the centre of Chongqing, capital of the central Chinese province of Sichuan. With an urban population of over 6 million people, the city has developed into a series of satellite communities well connected by rail and road. The Hua Yu city site is located on one such transportation node offering connectivity by fast train to the city centre. The site is a prime location for a mixed use precinct and includes 180,000 sq.m. of high rise commercial space, 120,000 sq. m. of retail, 300,000 sq. m. of residential as well as a 5 star hotel. The public and private buildings are connected by a series of courtyards which allow a circulation corridor through the site and to the adjacent community. These outdoor piazzas provide opportunities for people to meet, recreate and enjoy the external environment with provision for cafes, water features, hard and soft landscaping. In the residential precinct, these courtyards are landscaped in a variety of different manners to provide opportunities for children/the elderly, passive recreation/sports, hard/soft materials – a variety of differing activities to provide identity, security and vitality. Due to the almost windless nature of the city, high level roof gardens are provided to all the residential apartments. A range of environmental initiatives including water recycling are employed to allow the development to be socially and environmentally sustainable into the future. 

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