Master Planning

Panjing Town Centre Redevelopment

Panjing, China 2008

Panjing Town Centre Redevelopment

“….this dynamic residential/retail precinct would inject tremendous vitality into the centre of the oil rich Chinese town by day and night…”

This masterplan was produced for the northern Chinese oil rich city of Panjing in the Liaoning Province which has a population of 1.3 million residents. The 25 hectare site of the masterplan stretches across two city blocks at the centre of the city and forms a critical edge to the main boulevard Xhong Xin Road which bisects the central downtown urban precinct. The site is well connected by public transport. The requirement for the project was for 80,000 sq. m. of retail, including specialty stores along external shopping malls and internal atriums, hypermarkets, an 8 cinema entertainment complex, 90,000 sq. m. of residential apartments and a 15,000 sq. m. 5 star hotel. Although underground car parking was provided, reliance on public transport and enhanced pedestrian access was considered important to the long term viability of the development. The 5 star hotel is allied to a more exclusive shopping precinct which maintains its own identity and reinforces the more civic functions at this end of the site. Green roofs, natural ventilation, solar orientation and water management were among the environmental strategies proposed for the development.

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