Master Planning

Hongqi Island

Wuhan China, 2008

Hongqi Island

“…having worked on some of Sydney’s most spectacular waterfront sites, this project, a peninsula on the Wuhan lake system, was an excellent opportunity to export Australian expertise to China…”


The site of this 8 hectare precinct is 20 kilometres from the centre of Wuhan, a booming central Chinese city in Hubei province with a population of 10 million people. This site enjoys a 2 kilometre water frontage on one of Wuhan’s many fresh water lakes and is in close proximity to a number of Universities and tertiary institutions, local government offices and a burgeoning residential precinct. The site incorporates 600,000 sq. m. of residential floor area comprising 350,000 sq. m. of high rise apartment towers, 100,000 sq. m. of townhousing and 130,000 sq.m. of low rise villas. Additionally and importantly, a town centre including 30,000 sq. m. of commercial and public space as well as a yacht club and golf club. Of critical importance was the way the site addresses its water front and the manner in which the waterfront can be increased to add value and pleasure to this residential community. The precinct was also designed to place car parking below ground in order to create a safe, pedestrian environment where landscape predominates. A number of environmental initiatives including water recycling, solar water heating, wind power and appropriate material usage, were proposed to add green credentials to the development.

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