Retail / Interior

Cue Flagship Store

Pitt Street Sydney, 2011

Cue Flagship Store

“ retailing is often ephemeral but we worked hard to establish some sound principles which would allow future change within a sound design concept - a success so far...”

Australian clothing retailers CUE is one of the few Australian fashion labels still designing and manufacturing on shore. Lippmann Partnership was commissioned by CUE to review their existing retail designs and provide a fresh approach suitable as a template for a national roll-out. Three stores in Sydney and Melbourne were completed based on this approach. Simple planning and minimal colour allows circulation around the store to be simple so that the merchandise takes centre stage. All joinery items and fitting rooms were designed, integrated and modularised within the envelope. Different standards of finishes were made available depending on different budgets but for the flagship stores, the envelope consists of aluminium panelling wrapping the walls and ceiling plane carefully integrated with lighting and air conditioning. The floor tile is a grey concrete dimensioned and integrated with the aluminium panel grid. A screen composed of twisted acrylic blades was designed and prototyped to provide a backdrop to the shopfront display and to produce a unique branding and corporate identity which, over time, would be easily recognised and associated with the CUE brand.

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