Future Proofing Schools

Competition / Research Project 2011

Future Proofing Schools

“…buildability and environmental sensitivity combined with twentieth-century learning called for a highly individual approach...”

Future Proofing Schools was a government funded initiative to identify new and better ways of procuring twenty-first century schools throughout Australia using transportable but high-quality building prototypes. The solution involved a response to the wide variety of different conditions based on geographic and social conditions across the country and the delivery of diverse mass producible buildings which address varying climatic conditions in these diverse regions. The objective of creating a “village” environment led to the establishment of courtyards, gardens and play areas defined by pavilions and landscaping allowing learning and playing to spill over from one to another creating a spontaneous and stimulating environment. Different density models were established for rural, sub-urban and urban sites but in all cases, environmental initiatives include solar screening, photovoltaic roofs, stormwater recycling, natural ventilation and lighting.

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