Australian Christian College

Riverstone, Caboolture 2012

Australian Christian College

"...this commission brought us very much back to our roots – to find innovative, intelligent ways of creating low-cost, high-quality buildings...”

The Australian Christian College wanted to create an exciting and innovative new face for their school and to roll out new facilities on sites across Australia which demonstrated this commitment. Although the school’s budget was tight, a building template accommodating staging and modification to differing sites was proposed. The concept was to establish new buildings which reinforce the sense of the school as a village. Buildings and courtyards were developed where unstructured learning and recreation were integrated and encouraged next to one another. The new building was designed as a vast covered street, two storeys in height, naturally lit and ventilated. A high degree of transparency both within the building and from outside was achieved by careful study of window locations and orientation. Stormwater recycling and grey water re-use were also proposed to increase the building’s environmental performance. The template that has been developed is suitable for a number of school campuses across Australia.

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