Coca Cola Amatil

Technical Facility, Sydney 2011

Coca Cola Amatil

“...Corporate environments need to be delightful and stimulating for "people on the ground" if big business is to achieve its objectives. We hit the mark here with staff rating unprecedented highs…”

The site of this facility is in Sydney’s western suburbs of Northmead, a well established Coca-Cola production and distribution centre. The new office and training headquarters is intended as the public face of the company offering a front of house auditorium for school groups or other public gatherings to learn about the company. Additionally, the facility provides amenities and cafeteria for production and executive staff spilling out into soft landscaped external space. Accommodation for 70 office staff in an open plan office environment on the top floor provides good communication between the various team members and a dynamic social environment. All the amenities and service spaces are located on the southern facade with a central circulation spine defining the office and social spaces which face north. The open plan environment allows future change and flexibility in a commercial environment which will change over time. Significant break out spaces provide relief from the internal environment and the opportunity for greater social interaction between staff and guests. The building relies largely on a natural ventilation and lighting strategy with operable glass doors and windows, screened from above to avoid undesirable glare.

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